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Writing a Quality Research Paper Using Materials Available at Cornell University Library: Welcome

Today's Objectives

A Guide to Writing Advanced Research Papers 
Using Materials Available at Cornell University Library

In this session we will cover:

  • Research Strategies
  • Initiating Topic Exploration (Encyclopedias vs. Web Searches)
  • Finding Sources
  • Evaluating Sources
  • Citing Sources
  • Getting Additional Help /Ask a Librarian


Don't let this happen to you!          


You're thinking about doing a research paper on anti-colonialist thought within the American civil rights movement....


        1. Where would you typically begin your investigations of this topic and determine/refine your argument?


2. What keywords and approaches will you use for searching the internet, library catalog, and CUL's indexes and databases?


3. How will you expand your pool of resources and kywords as you go along?


Submit your answers via the comments link below.

How Well Do You Know CUL?

1) How many main campus libraries are part of the CUL system?

      a) 3

      b) 9

      c) 17


2) How many books are housed by CUL on campus?

      a) 3 million+

      b) 5 million+

      c) 8 million+


3) How many books are available to CUL users through Borrow Direct?

      a) 25 million+

      b) 40 million+

      c) 50 million+


4) How many items does CUL make available full-text online?

      a) 50 million+

      b) 100 million+

      c) 300 million+

Subject Guide

Dan Mckee
173 Kroch Library


Anti-Imperialism within the US Civil Rights Movement