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ASRC 4995/6945: Body Politics in African Literature and Cinema: Noteworthy Books

Useful Tips

Tip 1: If the catalog record of a book has a "Preview this item" button, click on it to preview the book.

Tip 2: Once you have located a book on your topic click on the subject headings of the catalog record. This can lead you to additional books on the same topic.

Tip 3: Look to see if the catalog record has a summary or table of contents of the book and is available in other editions.

Tip 4: If a record says networked resource it is usually available online.

Tip 5: When doing keyword searching try combining keywords/pharses. Be aware of the differences between board and narrower search:
fashion and beauty vs fashion and african americans

Tip 6: Click on the name of the author to see if she/he has published similar works.


Selected Books

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