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Summer Institute for Systematic Reviews in Nutrition for Global Policy Making: A Library Resource Guide: Import Citations to EndNote & Covidence

A collaboration of the World Health Organization, the Cochrane Collaboration and Cornell University

Import Citations from PubMed to Endnote

1. In your search results, click “Send to” in the upper right corner of the page, then “File”

2. Under “Format” select “MEDLINE” and “Create File”

3. Save the MEDLINE.txt file to your desktop

4. In Endnote, Go to “File” and “Import” and then select “Import Option – PubMed (NLM)” and choose the MEDLINE file from your desktop

Import Citations from EndNote to Covidence

1. In Endnote, select all citations you wish to export, and then select "File" and "Export" 

2. Under "Save as type" select "text file (*.txt)" and under Output style select "RefMan (RIS) Export"

3. Save the file to your desktop

4. In Covidence, click "Import Studies" and select your RIS file. Click "Import" 

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