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ASIAN 1111-103 Women on the Verge: Representing Gender and Madness in East Asia and Latin America: Finding Articles; Databases

Finding Articles


Keyword searches - examples

--Cinema* OR “motion picture*” OR “moving pictures” OR film* OR movie* OR TV OR television OR literature OR literary OR fiction

--women* OR girl* OR female* OR gender OR femini*

--madness OR insan* OR “mentally ill” OR “mental illness” OR “mental disorders”

--portrayal* OR depiction* OR representation* OR media

--class OR race OR racism OR politic* OR cultur* OR social

--stigma* OR marginaliz* OR discriminat*

--“east asia*” OR china OR chinese OR japan*

--“latin america*” OR argentina OR venezuela* OR bolivia* OR brazil* OR chile*       [etc]

--madness And women

--korea? And women And literature

--china OR chinese AND women AND literature


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