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ASIAN 1111-103 Women on the Verge: Representing Gender and Madness in East Asia and Latin America: Using the Library Catalog; Book selections

Catalog searches

Catalog searching:  If you do a search on the home page of the library catalog , a small number of results will appear in a "bento box" arrangement of books, journal articles, videos, and more. To see all the entries for any one topic, just click on the "view all..."  below the sample results.       Or, on the home page, you can select more specific search options: Catalog, Articles & Full Text, Databases, E-Journal Titles, and Images.


Books in the library stacks and e-books

Using subject headings

SUBJECT HEADINGS  (choose "Subject" from the drop-down menu by the search box) and type in a subject heading) -- examples:

mental illness women

mentally ill women fiction

mental illness in mass media

mental illness in motion pictures

mental illness in literature

mental disorders

women in popular culture  [can add a country name or use the "subject-region" limit on the left of the screen)

women in literature

women in motion pictures

femininity - [country name]

femininity in literature

femininity in motion pictures

sex role



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