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Circulation Statistics for Magazines and Newspapers: Recent

Resources for locating circulation statistics for periodicals: newspapers, journals, and magazines both current and historical.

Sources of Recent Circulation Statistics

Media Intelligence Center. Online version only.
Circulation and readership statistics for over 2,800 North American magazines and newspapers from first quarter of 2011 to date. The most detailed source of circulation statistics, including both online and print formats. Larger newspapers have average daily circulation figures for print copies as well as online readership counts and website usage. For a good example of the detailed information available, search Times Union and click on the Albany NY title.

Factiva. Online version only.
Choose SearchBuilder and click the triangle in the Source field. Use the search box to find the title. The resulting popup information window includes circulation statistics for many newspaper titles. The circulation number is usually followed by this note: "The circulation figure is the average number of copies distributed Monday-Friday for print editions. It is verified annually by Dow Jones using authoritative sources."

Gale Directory of Publications and Broadcast Media. Print version only.
(Latest edition shelved behind Olin Reference desk: Olin Reference Z 6951 A97).
International coverage. Circulation data given for many titles; sources of circulation data indicated.
Previous editions (1990 through the next-to-latest volume) shelved in the Uris Library Stacks at Z 6951 A97+. For earlier editions, click the Historical tab in this guide. Previous versions, usually called some variation of the Ayer Directory, contain circulation numbers going back to the late 19th century.

Locate the Statement of Ownership, Management, and Circulation that appears within the magazine itself, printed annually, usually in December or in the last issue for a given calendar year. It may appear among advertisements in the front or back pages of a magazine.

LaGuardia, Cheryl, ed., with Bill and Linda Sternberg Katz. Magazines for Libraries. 25th ed. New York: Bowker, 2017. Print version only.
(Olin Ref Z 6941 .K21 + 2017. The latest edition is shelved at the Olin reference desk)
An annotated listing by subject of over 6,000 periodicals. Circulation data given for some titles; source of data not indicated.
Each entry contains the periodical title; beginning publication date; publisher; editor; address; price; and the indexing, size, and level of audience. Short abstracts describe the scope, political slant, and other aspects of the publication. Arrangement is topical, bringing magazines and journals on like subjects together. To find an individual title, use the title index at the end of the volume.

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