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ENGL 1183.104: FWS: Word and Image (Spring 2018): Books

Library research guide to accompany Cristina Correa's spring 2018 seminar

More detail: finding books in Olin

Narrowing results

Catalogs: Learn to search library catalogs effectively to locate books and other relevant materials

Catalog Record

Subject Browse

Use the Subject Browse feature to discover books in the catalog.

Here are some subject headings that might support the kind of research Kara Walker did for her work, A Subtlety, or the Marvelous Sugar Baby:

Slavery in Art

Sugar Growing > United States > History

Sugar workers > Caribbean Area

Sugar > History

Sphinxes (Mythology)

Sugar trade > United States

Confectionery > History

Slavery > History > Sources

What to do if it's not available

If the catalog record indicates that the material is "charged," it means that someone else has signed out the book. You can recall it by clicking on "request." That takes about two weeks. You can also try to get it through Borrow Direct. If we do not have a book in our holdings, or if the book you need is already checked out:
Borrow Direct

Click on the link to connect to Borrow Direct, search for the book and if it's available from another Ivy League university (or Johns Hopkins, Duke, MIT, University of Chicago, and soon: Stanford), we will have it shipped to Cornell. Borrowing period is for eight weeks, renewable once. Books arrive in 3-4 business days. If we do not have an item that you need (any item -- journal article, DVD, dissertation, etc.):

Interlibrary Loan Services

Use ILLiad (InterLibrary Loan Internet Accessible Database) to request that we borrow materials from other libraries. Loan period is usually one month. Items can arrive in as little as a few days to a couple of weeks (This service will not work for items that Cornell already owns, but are checked out by other borrowers).

Primary Sources in Books

Browse footnotes and bibliographies of books, subject encyclopedias, and articles for information about primary sources. 

Search the Library Catalog for primary sources--both unpublished manuscripts and modern editions in print and online, sometimes in translation, of original primary sources. Combine subject searches for terms like:

in an Advanced Search with searches for the authors and artists you are researching.


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