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COML 1126.102: Remix Culture (Spring 2018): Find Background

A library research guide for students in Junting Huang's Comparative Literature 1126 class.

Encyclopedias, Guides, and Dictionaries

Use authoritative dictionaries and reference sources.

Wikipedia might be a handy tool in some cases, but it's not what your professors would call a reliable or authoritative reference source. The library resources listed below provide access to scholarly information on a range of subjects. Use the Library Subject Guides to find many more.

Don't Forget the Music Library

Located in Lincoln Hall on the Arts Quad, the Sidney Cox Library of Music and Dance has an excellent collection containing approximately 131,000 periodicals, books, scores, and parts; 56,000 sound and video recordings, as well as material on psychoacoustics, ethnomusicology, and other sound-related subjects.

Multi-disciplinary Refererence sources

Oxford Reference Online
Searchable database of 100 language and subject dictionaries and reference works of Oxford University Press. Each topical division contains searchable versions of the latest editions of published dictionaries and encyclopedias.Covers general reference, language, science and medicine, humanities and social sciences, business and professional subjects.
Sage Reference Online
A database of reference books published by SAGE covering the social sciences and education, including such areas as African American studies, aging & gerontology, anthropology, business and management, communication and media studies, counseling and psychotherapy, criminology and criminal justice, economics, education, environment, family studies, gender & sexuality studies, geography, health and social welfare, history, politics and international relations, psychology, research methods and evaluation, science, philosophy, and theology, social issues, social work and social policy, and sociology, and urban studies and planning.

How to Read Citations

Learning how to interpret citations you find in scholarly books and articles is a critical research skill and essential to efficiently finding the material you need for your assignments. Watch this video to learn how.

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