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HIST 2145: Food in America (Fall 2018): Books

A library guide for Adrienne Johnson's course

Subject vs Keyword

What's the difference between keywords and subject terms?

subject terms = fewer hits & better
An item is described using subject terms when a human employee evaluates the book or article and describes it using a set of provided subject words. This human intervention means subject words are valuable and powerful. Not all words are subject terms. Each catalog/database/resource has its own set of subject terms, although they often share similarities. Once you discover the relevant subject terms in the library catalog, those terms will often translate to other databases.

keywords = more hits & sometimes worse
A keyword is loose. It means the word appears anywhere--title, author, notes, description, publisher, etc., or in the full text when that is available.

Requesting Books from Elsewhere

For BOOKS already checked out, or that Cornell doesn't have:

Borrow Direct
Books arrive in 3-4 business days.

For items (books, articles, microfilm) Cornell doesn't have:

Interlibrary Loan Services
Items can arrive in as little as a few days to a couple of weeks.

For items at another campus library or the Library Annex, use the "Request" button in the Library Catalog and choose Library to Library Delivery.

Library Home Page & Catalog

The library homepage search box searches all library systems--the catalog, articles, and library websites.


The catalog contains all of the holdings of all Cornell University libraries including records for books, ebooks, DVD's/videos, sound recordings, magazines/newspapers/journals, online journals/newspapers, computer files, government documents, manuscripts and archives, maps, musical scores, and more. Everything but articles!


The advanced search allows for more precision. The drop down menu to the right of the search box allows you to search by Author, Title, Keyword, or Subject, or combinations:

Refine a search with the facets on the left.   

To search the holdings of libraries beyond Cornell click on Results at “libraries worldwide” (Worldcat Local) on the left of the results page.


Cookery, Food, and Foodways: American (General)

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