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HIST 1200.105: Laws of Migration and Empire (Fall 2017): Find News

Research guide for Chris Szabla's class: HIST 1200.105, Laws of Migration and Empire.

Finding Historical and Recent News Articles

Recent news resources (since 1980):

Access World News.
Roughly 1980 to date.
(Online only)
Searchable full-text database of several thousand news titles. No graphics.

LexisNexis Academic.
Roughly 1980 to date.
(Online only)
Searchable full-text database. Overlaps with Access World News but with some unique titles. No graphics.


Historical news resources:

Chronicling America: America's Historic Newspapers. Library of Congress.
Coverage: 1789 to 1925.
(Online only)
Searchable database of U.S. newspapers up to 1925. Black and white scanned pages from the original newspapers.

The New York Times Index.
Covers 1851 through most recent complete year. Annual print publication.
(Olin Reference AI 21 .N56 )
An annual chronology of articles published in The New York Times by subject. Each article is briefly annotated. A unique resource when studying the development of events around a particular issue.

ProQuest Historical Newspapers.
[]; subscription.
Coverage: Baltimore Sun (1837-1991), Boston Globe (1872-1985), Chicago Tribune (1849-1993), Hartford Courant (1764-1991),  Los Angeles Times (1881-1993), 
New York Times (1851-2013), New York Tribune / Herald Tribune  (1841-1962), Wall Street Journal (1889-1999), and Washington Post (1877-2000).
African-American newspapers: Chicago Defender (1910-1975), New York Amsterdam News (1922-1993), and Pittsburgh Courier (1911-2002).
International newspapers: Chinese Newspapers Collection (1832-1953), Globe and Mail [Toronto] (1844-2013), Irish Times / Weekly Irish Times [Dublin] (1859-2015), and Times of India (1838-2007). PDFs scanned from microfilm. English. Advertising content is searchable. Search a single newspaper or cross-search any combination of newspapers in this collection.

World Newspaper Archive.
Coverage varies widely by title: Some 1700s up through the early to mid-20th century.
(Online only)
Unique searchable database of African, South Asian, and Latin American newspapers. Browse by newspaper title, time period, or geography. Black and white scans of the original newspapers.

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