GOVT 1101.101: Power and Politics: Power and Resistance (Fall 2017): Find Articles

Sample search

Fewer terms = more results

Adding terms, narrows the search  = fewer, but possibly more relevant results.

Connect words and phrases. Use the ampersand * to pick up variant endings, e.g., cultur* will find culture and cultural .

Use OR between terms to broaden your search.

It often helps to place quotation marks around phrases, e.g. "social life"

[and] cultur* OR "social life"

Sample search in the Anthropology Plus database:

Selected Databases

Note: A search for taiwan and foreign relations also finds articles about China's foreign relations with Taiwan.

To clarify your search, open some of the more promising records and look for relevant subject headings. In Academic Search Premiere, the subject string is Taiwan -- Foreign Relations.

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