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Anthropology 1101.106: Expert Responses to the Rejection of Expertise: Library Assignment

Assignment from your instructor

Using the library to research climate change debates Your next writing assignment is going to require you to conduct an analysis of the role of expertise in contemporary debates surrounding climate change. As part of your assignment, you will be expected to do some of you own research. As preparation for this, please find 4 articles or book chapters on the US's participation in the Paris Climate Accords.

These 4 articles should include:

  1. 1 popular media (e.g. New York Times, The Economist etc.) article written prior to Trump's election.
  2. 1 academic article/chapter written prior to Trump's election. 
  3. 1 popular media article written after Trump's announcement that he wants to withdraw from the Accords. 
  4. 1 editorial or comment piece in an academic journal discussing Trump's announcement that he wants to withdraw from the Accords.

On Friday 15 September you will have a session with a librarian at Uris Library. Class will meet at Uris Library Classroom on the lower (gallery) level of Uris at 12:20. This session should give you the tools you need to find these articles. Please download a pdf of the articles, and upload it to the Dropbox folder by the end of the day on Friday 22 September. Uploaded by students > Assignment 3 - Paris accord articles. Please name the pdf in the format: [student name],[article author],[publication year],[publication name].

Suggested Sources for Popular Media (Items 1 and 3)

Suggested Sources for Academic Sources (Items 2 and 4)

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