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ENGL 1191.101: Jane Austen Made Me Do It (Fall 2018): Find

A library research guide for students in Prof. Faulkner's English 1191 class.

Recommended Databases for Finding Scholarly Articles


Note: The Articles & Full Text feature on the main Library web page allows you to perform simple searches across multiple databases. Because the various databases are structured differently, search results may vary widely. For more precise searching, it's best to search the databases individually. See the recommended databases below.

For more options, see the Databases list.

For primary sources -- periodical articles and other material written during the 19th century -- click on the Primary Sources tab above.

How to Read Citations

Learning how to interpret citations you find in scholarly books and articles is a critical research skill and essential to efficiently finding the material you need for your assignments. Watch this video to learn how.

How to Identify Scholarly Journal Articles

Evaluating the sources you find is a crucial step in the process of scholarly research. The questions you ask about books, periodical articles, or multimedia sources are similar whether you're looking at a citation to the item or have the item in hand.

Watch this video to learn how to identify scholarly journal articles.

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