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Telluride Summer 2017: Gods and Heroes of the Celts and Vikings: Using the Catalog to locate books and journals

A guide to library resources

Subject vs Keyword

subject words = less hits & better 

keywords = more hits & sometimes worse

A keyword means find the word anywhere--title, author, notes, description, publisher, etc.

New Library Home & Catalog

The library homepage search box searches all library systems--the catalogs, articles, and library websites.


The  catalog contains all of the holdings of all Cornell University libraries including records for books, ebooks, DVD's/videos, sound recordings, magazines/newspapers/journals, online journals/newspapers, computer files, government documents, manuscripts and archives, maps, musical scores, and more.

The advanced search allows for more precision. The drop down menu to the right of the search box allows you to search by Author, Title, Keyword, or Subject, or combinations:


Refine a search with the facets on the left.