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LSP -- Government Documents: Regulations

Sample Regulatory Document, from the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR)


Congress passes legislation. The text of the legislation authorizes an agency, or agencies, to develop detailed rules to conform with the legislation.

Executive Agencies issue regulations (rules).

Both legislation and regulations have the force of law.

42 Fed.Reg. 36455    Federal Register (FR)

Agencies propose, open for comment, and finally publish "Final Rules" in the Federal Register.

21 CFR § 102.23    Code of Federal Regulations (CFR)

Regulations (Final Rules) are compiled and codified under "Titles" in the Code of Federal Regulations.



I. How was the Environmental Protection Agency established? Did Congress pass a bill (piece of legislation) to create the E.P.A., or was it created another way?

Hint: Look through the table-of-contents in the Federal Regulatory Directory.

II. What is the regulation (Rule) on Hydraulic Fracturing on Indian Land?


Check: Regulatory Insight.

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