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HIST 1200: Japan After Fukushima (Spring 2017): Articles

A guide to library research

How to find articles


The Steps


Find a database by browsing the list here or under Databases subjects

Click on the link to get into the database


Search the database for articles



How to locate an article

Not all articles are available full text! If an article isn't available full text through a database...

Use Get it! Cornell to jump into the Library Catalog to search for the journal by title (not the article title). Once you locate the journal in the Library Catalog (online or print), then determine if we have the volume/year you need

If there is no Get it! Cornell link/button, take the title of the journal NOT the title of the article, into the Library Cat to find the physical location and/or full text availability of the volume you need.

If you cannot locate the article, ask a Librarian!


Asia Studies Full-Text Online
Thousands of full text reports on 53 countries. Subjects include finance, trade, environment, human resources development, government, fisheries, tourism, education and women's studies.
BAS: Bibliography of Asian Studies
The most thorough index to the last 40 years of English language scholarship on Asia. Subjects include Asian anthropology, arts, biography, economics, education, history, literature, philosophy, politics and government, religion, science and sociology.
Project Muse
Full text access to the recent issues of over 300 peer-reviewed humanities, arts, and social sciences journals from 60 scholarly publishers.
Full-text access to a range of journals, including major Asian Studies titles. Note that JSTOR does not include the most recent five years of articles for the journals it covers. Use Project Muse for finding recent articles.
ProQuest Research Library
Bibliographic references and abstracts to journal articles covering business, industry and management. Journals indexed include Asiaweek, Asian Affairs, Asian Folklore Studies, Asian Philosophy, Asian Survey, Far Eastern Economic Review, Film Review, Japan Echo, Japan Quarterly.


America History and Life  Articles, books, dissertations on United States and Canadian history from pre-history to the 21st century.

Historical Abstracts  Articles, books, dissertations on the history of the world since 1450.

EBSCO Academic Search Premier  Multidisciplinary and multi-genre--scholarly journals, scholarly journals, magazines, reports, newspapers. Lots of full text.

Summon/Search for articles

Search a number of databases at one time using Summon, or go into individual databases for your searches.

Summon / Search for Articles

Summon (Articles & Full Text) searches articles, ebooks, audio files, and video files. It does not search the library catalog (print books and other physical items).

Use the Library Catalog for print books. Also, Summon doesn't search all library resources. Use subject-specific databases (link to the right of Articles & Full Text) for comprehensive or focused searching.

What is Passkey?

Passkey is a bookmarklet (Firefox and IE) that lets you quickly authenticate as a CU person, when you're off-campus. This allows you to access databases.

In firefox, drag the icon to your bookmarks toolbar or right click and bookmark this location. Control-click (mac users)

In Internet Explorer, right-click the icon, add to favorites

The next time you're off-campus and a publisher asks you to log-in, click the Passkey.  You'll be prompted for your CU netid, and that's it! 

Details are at CUL Labs (Cool Tools)

Google Scholar - Get it Cornell

For most topics, Google Scholar is still supremely inferior to using a specialized database, but if you're going to use it, adjust your Google Scholar preferences so that "Get it Cornell" shows up in your search.

Get it Cornell will help connect you to full text articles in the Cornell journal collections.