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Fake news, alternative facts and misinformation workshop

Pondering the impact of the advertising policy

News sources can be supported from advertising revenue.  With this support there may be certain expectations of what type of information is shared out to the public. In addition, allowing or forbidding certain companies from advertising with a news source also lends a sense of the bias of that news source.  What are the potential implications of an advertising policy on a news source?


Identify the Advertising Policy

can you find the advertising policy? what are the potential implications of the policy? are there any specific companies that are banned from advertising on the resource? what effect does that have on the bias of the news source?

Ability to Differentiate Between the Advertisement and the Content

can you tell the difference between the content of the news report vs. the advertising? is it easy to navigate between the two? how prominent are the advertisements? does that affect how you view the news source?

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