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Fake news, alternative facts and misinformation workshop

Thinking about the importance of attribution

With attribution comes the ability to trace back a claim to an original source.  Consider the famous Wikipedia notation, [citation needed].  It is all well and good to make a claim, but without support how can you know if a claim is factual? Further, is the claim verifiable and reproduce-able? When you attribute you let people know where an idea came from, and how the idea informed your own thinking.


Citing Original Source

is the original source being cited? if so, can you use the citation to follow the story back to the original source? why is it important to cite your source?

Supporting Citation Used

is there a need for supporting citations?  if not, why not? what role does supporting information play in validated a news source?

Claims are Verifiable

does the source that is cited actually state what was claimed in the news report? was the information factual?  could you verify the claims?

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