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Fake news, alternative facts and misinformation workshop

Content for a news/media website consists of everything on that site: verbal, visual, advertising, layout.  This type of information on a media sources is driven by the audience; from this stems the potential for bias depending on the perceived needs of the audience.  Further, the business of news can further politicize what is reported and how it is reported.

Word choice

what types of words are being used in the news report?  is the report full of sensationalistic adjectives? who is the target audience?  what is the function of the news report?

Complexity of Writing Style

is the sentence structure targeted for a high reading level? what purpose might complexity serve? is a simpler style better?  can you think of a time when complex might be better?

Vision and Mission Statement

can you find background information about the mission and vision of the news resource? does this give you more information on the possible bias?  does this affect how you view the resource?


is it clear if the resource is attempting to be partisan or non-partisan? are there issues with being neutral? if so, what are they?  why is transparency important?

Corrections policy

can you find the correction policy? if so, does this change how you view the resource? why is it important to have a corrections policy?

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