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COML 1126.104: Aesthetics for Beginners (Fall 2017): Find

A library research guide for students in Klas Erik Molde's Comparative Literature 1126 class.


The ARTstor Digital Library

Help in using ARTstor

You can only download if you register for an account, which you'll need to do on campus. After you have an account, you can login from anywhere. Watch the video below on the right for complete instructions.


Johnson Museum Online

Databases & Collections

The library subscribes to or has built a number of image databases that are excellent sources of images you can download and add to your papers and other projects. You need to keep in mind that some of them have licensing restricts that prohibit the re-publication (including open web publishing, such as on a blog or on social networking sites) of images you download. There are also quite a few digital collections that are free and open on the web. Use the links and information on this page to get more information about how best to use ARTstor and other image databases.

Get help with digital images

Finding images on the Open Web

The Library has a separate guide to help you learn the tips & tricks of finding your way around the image databases available to you on the Finding Images Guide

Register with ARTstor

Export ARTstor images to PowerPoint

Web Accessibility Assistance