WRIT 1370 Elements of Academic Writing: Theories of Happiness (Fall 2016): Searching the Web?

Using the library

Searching the web?

Searching the web almost always finds something, but it will include many sources that are not scholarly and not appropriate for academic research papers.

This article, "The Great Urban-Rural Happiness Debate," posted on CityLab.com, is a good case in point.

Is CityLab.com a scholarly source? 


Are there any clues to scholarly sources?

From the Reference to the Full-Text

Note the reference to a "recent paper published in the journal Urban Geography." There is a link, but, as often happens, the link doesn't take you to the article.

Use the library catalog to find the journal and then search for the authors to locate the article.

You have all the clues you need to find this article in the library collections.

Journal Title -- Urban Geography

Article Authors -- Brian Berry and Adam Okulicz-Kozaryn

The other clue is the description "a recent paper." Looking at the date on the CityLab web article (October 13, 2011), we can also guess that the article in Urban Geography was published sometime in 2011.

Not only do you find the article, but you have discovered a very relevant journal if you're researching cities or urbanism.

Track down the references

From the homepage, open the Catalog.

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