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Ithaca High School 10th grade library visit (Fall 2016): Print, Copy & Connect

This is a guide for Ms. Mellander's 10th grade students


Instalações da firma "Casa Portuguesa",
empresa de artes gráficas.
Fotógrafo: Mário Novais
Data de produção da fotografia: 1950
[CFT003 015216.ic]

Source:Biblioteca de Arte-Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian on Flickr


Printing Out Items from the Library Catalog and Library Databases

A networked CopyCard Printing Workstation is available for visiting researchers. To use the CopyCard-operated printer, follow these steps:

  1. Purchase a CopyCard using the CopyCard vending machine in the stairwell below the Olin Libe Café.
  2. When you want to print from one of the library’s computer workstations:
    Under File, choose Print. A print window will pop up. In the print window, use the pull-down menu to choose the CopyCard Printing Station.
  3. Note the number on the base of your computer monitor. This number will identify your print job. Note: On the Library Research Only workstations* wait for the Press Here...Go to Print Station button to appear.
  4. * The light green label across the top of the monitor identifies the Library Research Only workstations.

In Olin, the CopyCard Printing workstation is located against the wood-paneled wall, at the far end of the Reference/Information and Public Computer area. In Uris it is located in the North Alcove of the Dean Room.

  1. At the CopyCard Printing Station, select the print job that matches the number printed on the base of your computer monitor.
  2. Insert the copycard to print.
  3. Click on the PRINT button to start printing.

Wireless Access

You can use guest wireless access for up to 21 days per semester. Find out how.

While you're visiting Cornell's libraries, you can use the libraries' public computers to get into databases that Cornell licenses. This privilege does not extend off campus.



Image: Thomas Smillie (1843-1917). [Untitled], 1890. Cyanotype photograph. Source: Smithsonian Institution Archives on Flickr Commons



Use CopyCards for photocopies. Scans are FREE. Bring a USB drive for saving scanned files, or email them to yourself. Follow the directions posted near photocopier/scanners for step-by-step instructions.

Further details online here.

Public Photocopier/Scanners in Olin, Kroch & Uris Libraries

Olin & Kroch Libraries:

Public photocopier/scanners are available in several locations within Olin and Kroch libraries. Photocopier/scanners will accept coins (15 cents per page), or a copycard (10 cents per page). You can also use the photocopier/scanners to scan pages for free.

  • Public photocopier/scanners are available on the Lower Level, in the stairwell next to the Libe Cafe.
  • There is a photocopier/scanner in ++ section of the 4th floor stacks. Take the elevator to the 4th floor and turn right to go into the stacks, then turn left.
  • Kroch library has a photocopier/scanner. Enter the stack level and turn right.

Uris Library

  • Public Photocopier/scanners are located on the Main Level of Uris Library (the Dean Room, main level) beyond the circulation desk. The Dean Room is on the main level, one flight up from the entrance to Uris Library.

Start with a CopyCard

In Olin & Uris Libraries, the CopyCard dispenser/encoders are located next to printers.

Note: The cost of a card is 55 cents. To purchase a card, insert in the CopyCard dispenser/encoder and receive a card with 45 cents credit on the card. Re-insert the card to add more money. Because CopyCards are easy to leave behind, it's a good idea to sign the back of the card.

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