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ROMS 1113-101 (FWS Fall 2016): Thinking and Thought: Understanding #jesuischarlie: The Tradition of Satire in France: Reading Citations

A library resource guide for students in Pauline Goul's FWS

Reading Citations

Fourth example

Lucas, Ann Lawson.  "Collodi, Carlo." Oxford Encyclopedia of Children's Literature.  Oxford University Press, 2006, 327-331.

What's this?

First example

Shershow, Scott Cutler. Puppets and Popular Culture. Ithaca, 1985.

Is this a book, an essay, or an article published in a journal?

Second example

Zipes, Jack. "Toward a Theory of the Fairy Tale Film:  The Case of Pinocchio."  In Happily Ever After:  Fairy Tales, Children and the Culture Industry, 61-87.  New York:  Routledge, 1997. 

Look closely at the citation above. Is  "Toward a Theory of the Fairy Tale Film:  The Case of Pinocchio" the title of a book, or a chapter or the title of an essay?

Third example

Thoughts about this one?

Sloan, Aisha Sabatini. "The Strong Man and the Clown."  The Southern Review 49:1, 122-134.

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