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ILRIC 4360: Global Comparative Disability Policy (Spring 2018): Finding Books

Tips for Finding Books

Tip 1: Your first seach should be a very general keyword search.

Tip 2: Never use a, an, or the when searching for a title.

Tip 3: Always use the long view to review subject headings.

Tip 4: If a record says "networked resource" it is usually available online.

Tip 5: Always pay attention to the call numbers and note whether the material is shelved in the regular, oversized (+), or double oversized (++) sections.

Regular Size Books in Olin Library


Suggested Keywords

Disability studies

Disabilities -- social aspects

People with disabilities -- employment, civil rights, medical care

People with disabilities -- legal status, laws, etc.

Discrimination against people with disabilities

Discrimination -- laws and legislation

Disabled persons

Sociology of disabilities

Disabilities and society

Developmental disabilities

Learning disabilities

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