GOVT 1101.105: Power and Politics: Public Opinion and U.S. Militarism. (Fall 2016): Policy Magazines

Research Guide

Screencast on Searching Policy Magazines

This quick screencast demonstrates the basics of searching Academic Search Premier for topics covered in specific policy magazines.

Searching Policy Magazines

Full-text magazines via Cornell Library

Below are links to the Cornell Library subscriptions for some of the magazines listed on your syllabus.

While it's possible to find random articles from these publications on the web, none of these sources allow you to dive deeply into all of the articles without a subscription. You can access all of these titles via the library's subscriptions.

See, also, the databases on the right. These can often be easier to search.

Selected Sources

Database Searching

Searching article databases may be easier and more efficient. 

After performing a search in the Academic Search Premier database, you can Refine Results by Source Type -- Magazines, then Publications, by title. You can also select a specific date range.

When the full-text is not available, select "Get it! Cornell."


Selected Databases

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