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German Studies 4100: Senior Seminar. (Fall 2017): Finding
Journal Articles

Research guide for Elke Siegel's seminar.

Find Articles: Major Online Databases

Articles & Full Text, aka Summon.

A very large, searchable database of online articles, books, and book chapters. Search German words to find German-language results, or limit the Language to Deutsch in the left column on the search results page.


A cross-searchable collection of over fifty EBSCO databases covering a wide variety of subjects. The content is nearly all articles, but the EBSCO eBooks Collection is also included in the search.

Google Scholar in English / Google Scholar in German.

Search Google Scholar to find scholarly books and articles across all topics and disciplines. The powerful "Cited by" link allows you to find more recent sources that cite a book or article, moving forward in time in the web of citations. Direct links to the full text of articles are often available as well (in the right-hand column of the results pages).

Internationale Bibliographie der geistes- und sozialwissenschaftlichen Zeitschriftenliteratur: IBZ. Osnabrück: Zeller Verlag, 1983- .

The IBZ is an international, interdisciplinary index of periodical literature covering basic research from all fields of knowledge, with particular emphasis on the humanities, arts and social sciences. Indexes a significant proportion of the periodicals published on the European continent. Multilingual, with English and German interfaces. The online edition is updated monthly; the print (see below) is updated twice annually.

MLA International Bibliography. New York: Modern Language Association, 1963 - .

An international database providing references to scholarly articles from over 4000 journals dealing with languages, literature, folklore and linguistics. It is useful for finding literary criticism of a particular author or work, as well as articles on literary theory, women's studies, popular culture, and performing arts.

Web of Science (including Arts and Humanities and Social Sciences Citation Index). Philadelphia: Institute for Scientific Information, 1977- .

A multidisciplinary index to over 1,200 leading international arts and humanities journals. It includes journal articles, letters, editorials, notes, meeting abstracts, discussions, poems, short stories, plays, musical scores, excerpts from books, and bibliographies. It is unique in that it allows the user to trace cited references, i.e., you can locate all articles published in a given year that cited a key article on your topic.

Finding Articles: Additional Print Resources

Handbuch deutschsprachiger Literaturzeitschriften. Duisburg : AutorenVerlag Matern, 2001. (Uris Library A.D. White Z 2235 .P43 H36z 2001)

Registry of more than 450 contemporary journals, print and electronic.

Internationale Bibliographie der Zeitschriftenliteratur aus allen Gebieten des Wissens. Osnabrück, Germany: F. Dietrich, [1896] - 2010. (Indexes shelved at Olin Ref A19 .B581; entry volumes shelved in Olin Stacks.)

Print version of the IBZ, which actually began publication in 1897 under the title Bibliographie der deutschen Zeitschriftenliteratur. With the exception of about 3 years at the end of World War II (when its bombed publishing plant was being rebuilt) it has continued to the present day.

Zeitungs-Index. Pullach bei Munchen, Verlag Dokumentation. 1.- Jahrg.; Jan./März 1974- . (Library Annex. See catalog record for holdings.)

Index of articles from German newspapers.

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