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PHIL 1110: Philosophy in practice: Is everything real made of atoms?: Evaluate
your sources

Analyze sources

How to Critically Analyze Information Sources

A guide to the critical questions you should ask when you consider the appropriateness of a particular book, article, media resource, or Web site for your research.

Quick tips

When evaluating the books and articles that you find, check for the following:

* Is there a bibliography or list of references at the end of the article/book?

* If it's an article, is it signed--i.e., does one or more individuals take responsibility for the content?

* If a book, who is the publisher? Is it an academic press? Is there an index?


All of these are signs of a scholarly or academic work.

How to Identify Scholarly Journal Articles

Evaluating the sources you find is a crucial step in the process of scholarly research. The questions you ask about books, periodical articles, or multimedia sources are similar whether you're looking at a citation to the item or have the item in hand.

Watch this video to learn how to identify scholarly journal articles.

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