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SPAN 1103: Nature in Latin America (Fall 2016): Find

Research guide for Shawn McDaniel's First-Year Writing Seminar.

Our Catalog

Find nearly everything owned by the Cornell University Library by searching our Catalog. This includes books, journals, magazines, newspapers, videotapes, audiotapes, music CDs, CD-ROMs, DVDs, manuscripts, microfilm, microfiche--in short, anything the Library owns.

This online catalog also allows you to recall or put a hold on items that are currently checked out by other library users. Clicking on the My Account link at upper right allows you to see what you have checked out; you can also renew your books from this page.

Connect to the Catalog


A book you might find using this catalog:

Out of the Mainstream: Water Rights, Politics and Identity.
Edited by Rutgerd Boelens, David Getches and Armando Guevara-Gil.
Washington: Earthscan, 2010.
(Online [e-book])


Two things to remember about the Catalog:
1. This online catalog lists the holdings of all Cornell libraries except the Medical School.
2. You cannot find journal articles in this catalog. Only the titles of journals, magazines, and newspapers are listed along with the years and volumes that we own. To find articles, click on the Finding Articles tab in this guide.


Understanding Library of Congress Call Numbers

What If We Don't Own It?

If we don't have a BOOK that you need or if we own the book but it's checked out:

Borrow Direct
Click on the link above, connect to Borrow Direct, and search for the book. If it's available from one of our partners (Ivy League libraries plus), they will ship to Cornell. Borrowing period is 6 weeks, renewable once. Books arrive in 3-4 business days. (This service is for BOOKS only).

If we don't own an item that you need (any item -- journal article, DVD, dissertation, etc.) :

Interlibrary Loan Service
If Cornell Library does not have a journal that you need, use our interlibrary loan service to get articles from other libraries. Articles are scanned and sent by e-mail and can arrive in as little as a few days to a couple of weeks.

We invite you to check with the reference staff if you are having trouble finding a particular book or journal. We can help!

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