Polymers in SciFinder

There are many unique rules and special tips for where and how to find information on polymers in the SciFinder Chemical Abstracts database.

Search by Polymer Type

Polymers described generically can be searched by Explore by Research Topic, for example:

  • Polymer Class term, such as Amino ResinsFluoropolymer, Polyester, etc. 
  • Ethylene-α-olefin polymers (linear low density polyethylene or LLDPE) can be described without specifying which α-olefin is used
  • Alkyds (polymers used in paints and coatings) incorporate vegetable oils that consist of undefined blends

Search Tips

  • Search polymer related terms by Explore by Research Topic (blend, composite, packaging, rubber, etc.)
  • Get Substances from the resulting references and refine by polymers
  • Refine by Predicted Molecular Weight to retain polymers  (0-1 range, include substances with no value)

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