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ROMS 1114 Semiotics (FWS Fall 2017): Is it a bird
or a plane?

This is a library research guide for Prof. Ti Akire's First-year Writing Seminar

Understand citations

Learn to read citations closely in order to figure out where to search for your sources in the Library catalog or databases.

First example

Shershow, Scott Cutler. Puppets and Popular Culture. Ithaca, 1985.

Is this a book, an essay, or an article published in a journal?

Second example

Zipes, Jack. "Toward a Theory of the Fairy Tale Film:  The Case of Pinocchio."  In Happily Ever After:  Fairy Tales, Children and the Culture Industry, 61-87.  New York:  Routledge, 1997. 

Look closely at the citation above. Is  "Toward a Theory of the Fairy Tale Film:  The Case of Pinocchio" the title of a book, or a chapter or the title of an essay?

Third example

Thoughts about this one?

Sloan, Aisha Sabatini. "The Strong Man and the Clown."  The Southern Review 49:1, 122-134.

Reading citations

In the village

Web. Nov. 6, 2016. Wikipedia's source (see previous page) is the Historical Dictionary of Switzerland.

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