LING 1100.103: Language, Thought and Reality: Language and the Law (Fall 2016): Databases

Library Research Guide for Sarah Antonio's class

Sample searches

From the Advanced Search:


[and] forensic

[and] law OR legal OR criminal



[and] forensic

[and] law OR legal OR criminal


forensic linguistics

[and] interrogation

Is it scholarly?

If you find an article on the web (rather than from a database), you can use Ulrichs Global Serials to determine whether the  journal is peer-reviewed (and other facts about the journal).

Selected Databases

You can also limit the results to articles from peer-reviewed journals.

Scroll down to find the search limits. If needed, you can limit your results to Scholarly (Peer-Reviewed) Journals

To find databases for other subjects or disciplines...

From the home page, open the databases link for a list of some of the core databases, by subject.

Subject or discipline-specific databases offer comprehensive coverage of a topic or field of study.





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