LING 1100-103 Language, Thought, and Reality: Metaphors We Live By (Fall 2016): Research strategies

Library Research Guide for Andrea Hummel's class

Research Strategies

  • Seek out background sources to provide context and clues about where to look for more information. 
  • Keep an eye out for terms/concepts that you can use in your search for books and articles: Metaphor; "conceptual metaphor" "language-culture relationship" "cross-cultural comparative."
  • When searching, remember that adding terms narrows your search (fewer results). Subtracting terms, broadens your terms (more results)
  • Open the records for book and article titles to find subject headings (or descriptor terms),  summaries (abstracts) and table-of-contents.
  • Follow the references included in the books and articles you find.
  • Evaluate what you find. Is it scholarly and authoritative?

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