LING 1100-103 Language, Thought, and Reality: Metaphors We Live By (Fall 2016): Databases

Library Research Guide for Andrea Hummel's class

Some search terms ...

Just to get you started!

"conceptual metaphor"

"conceptual metaphor" and (language name)

"conceptual metaphor" and (source domain)

"conceptual metaphor" and (target domain)

"conceptual metaphor" and _____

"language-culture relationship"

"cross-cultural comparative"

"conceptual metaphor" and contrastive


Adding terms narrows your search (fewer, but maybe more relevant, results).

Subtracting terms, broadens your terms (more results!)

Selected Databases

You can also limit the results to articles from peer-reviewed journals.

Scroll down to find the search limits. If needed, you can limit your results to Scholarly (Peer-Reviewed) Journals

To find databases for other subjects or disciplines...

From the home page, open the databases link for a list of some of the core databases, by subject.

Subject or discipline-specific databases offer comprehensive coverage of a topic or field of study.





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