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News Formats: Online
Digital Microfilm

News content is available in at least eight formats. This is a guide to those formats with pros and cons and examples for each one.

Digital Microfilm

Format: Filmed images of a print edition that have been digitized and served online.
Example: ProQuest Digital Microfilm. Eighty-three North American newspapers that have been digitized by ProQuest.
Content: The New York Times (2008- ), Wall Street Journal (2008- ), Washington Post (2008- ), Chicago Tribune (2008- ), and the Los Angeles Times (2008- ). Plus 78 additional newspapers from the U.S. and Canada. Start dates for these titles vary from January 1, 2008 to January 1, 2011. Scanned pages from the microfilm versions. No color.
Pros: Original page format; full content; very good preservation medium.
Cons: Not searchable, page images only; available after the six to eight-week delay required for microfilming the print and digitizing.
Access rating: Good.
Preservation rating: Very good.
Notes: Valuable for recent research. Full content from small-city papers not otherwise available, including many newspapers of record published in state capitals.

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