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Anthropology 1101:106 - Studying Science Scandals: Library

Locating an article from a citation

1. From the home page, go to the library Catalog.

2. Savitt, Todd L., and Morton F. Goldberg. 1989. "Herrick's 1910 case report of sickle cell anemia: The rest of the story." Journal of the American Medical Association 261: 266-71.

To find the article, you must find the journal in which it appears.

Type in Journal of the American Medical Association. Use the pull-down menu to limit your results to Journal Title.


3. Note: Because of small changes in the journal (title, place of publication, format, etc.), there may be more than one record. Sometimes you will need to open each of the records to find the one that includes the date/volume/issue you need. Check the citation, above.

Catalog Searches

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