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A Guide to Conducting Systematic Reviews: Cornell Institutional Subscription to Covidence

Covidence at Cornell FAQ

What is Covidence? 
Covidence is a web-based software platform that streamlines the production of systematic reviews.  It supports citation screening, full text review, risk of bias assessment, extraction of study characteristics and outcomes, and the export of data and references.  ​ 

How do I sign up for Covidence?
You can start using Covidence by signing up with your Cornell email address here. 

I am working on multiple systematic reviews.  Can I start multiple projects in Covidence?
Yes, you can sign up for as many Covidence projects as you need. 

I am collaborating with coauthors who are not part of the Cornell community.  Can we still use Covidence? 
Yes, as long as you sign up with your email, you can collaborate with those outside of Cornell.

I am using a methodology similar but not the same as a systematic review.  Can I still use Covidence?
Yes, you can use Covidence for scoping reviews, systematic maps, or other related methodologies.  

Covidence at Cornell

Cornell University Library has an unlimited license to Covidence for members of the Cornell community located on the main campus in Ithaca, NY. 

You can start using Covidence here by signing up with your Cornell email address. ​

Learn more about Covidence in the video below, and see answers to some common questions on the left.  

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