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Want to learn more?

It's easy to get started but if you want to learn more try the tutorials on 3D printing (use the organizational log in to log in with your Cornell netID and password), books in the library (search subjects like Three-dimensional modeling or Three-dimensional printing), or online resources.

3D printing steps

You can print almost anything with a 3D printer and it's easier than you think! Follow these simple steps to bring your idea to life!

Step 1-3. The Model

Don't know anything about 3D models? No problem! You can find and download an existing model from an online repository like Thingiverse or YouMagine. You can also make your own with a computer-aided design program like Tinkercad or Autocad or use a 3D scanner (note: the mobile makerspace kit has a handheld one or you can try a free app like 123DCatch).

Bring your model into one of our making events or make a consultation.

We'll get it ready for printing it in an open source slicing program like Cura or Slicer (this will let us know how long and how much plastic filament it will take).

Step 4. Print

We'll save the final model onto an SD card and print it (if it takes more than an hour, we'll schedule a consultation)


Step 5. The Final Product

Enjoy your 3D printed model!

3D printer installation

3D printer install

3D printing steps infographic

3d printing infogrpahic