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ILRLR 2070: Uncovering Corporate Strategies (Spring 2017): Getting started

Getting started

This guide will provide support for your writing assignments in ILRLR 2070.

Six case studies essays, 3 pages each
Students are required to write 6 essays in all, one for each case study. The instructor will provide detailed guidelines on the assignment. Students will conduct in-class peer reviews in addition to revising and re-writing FOUR of the commentaries. The instructor will evaluate the essays for content as well as writing effectiveness.

In-class writing exercise, 3 pages
For this assignment you’ll practice selecting, analyzing, and writing about a source in class. Papers are not expected to be polished but well thought-out and grammatically/stylistically correct.

This guide will discuss the use of reference materials and other resources, as well how to avoid plagiarism and maintain academic integrity.

Evaluating Your Sources

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