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ASIAN 1101 Representations of Womanhood in Traditional China: Reference Sources

Catalog searches and stacks browsing

Catalog searching:  If you do a search on the home page of the library catalog , a small number of results will appear in a "bento box" arrangement of books, journal articles, videos, and more. To see all the entries for any one topic, just click on the "view all..."  below the sample results.       Or, on the home page, you can select more specific search options: Catalog, Articles & Full Text, Databases, E-Journal Titles, and Images.

Remember when searching for Chinese names, they are cataloged in Pinyin;  but in many earlier works the names were written in the older romanization (example: woman poet,  Li Ch'ing-chao; Pinyin version Li Qingzhao).  Usually either name can be used in a search because the names are cross-referenced.  

Browsing in stacks:  Women in China, HQ 1737 and HQ 1767-1768; Literature, try PL 2661-2998 for individual authors;   Foot-binding  GT 498

Bibliographiical and Biographical Sources

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