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USC Shoah Foundation's Visual History Archive: Holocaust Resources
in the Cornell University Library

Introduction to and description of USC Shoah Foundation's Visual History Archive

Holocaust and related resources in the Library

The Cornell University Library hosts an extensive array of print, video and manuscript resources on the Shoah and on massacres and genocides that are also the focus of the USC Shoah Foundation's mission of remembrance through witness testimony. Categories include

Resources From Outside Cornell (Ithaca area and beyond)

The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum provides many resources, including the First Person Podcast series

More than 70 years after the Holocaust, hatred, antisemitism, and genocide still threaten our world. The life stories of Holocaust survivors transcend the decades and remind us of the constant need to be vigilant citizens and to stop injustice, prejudice, and hatred wherever and whenever they occur.

This podcast series features excerpts from 48 interviews with Holocaust survivors conducted at the Museum as part of our First Person public program. Listen to these interview excerpts below. You can also watch video recordings of interviews from our 2015 First Person season here. ~ from

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