LING 1100-103 : Language, Thought, and Reality: Creating the Science of Language (Spring 2017): Find databases

Library Research Guide

Find Databases by subject or discipline

From the home page, open the databases link for a list of some of the core databases, by subject.

Subject or discipline-specific databases offer comprehensive coverage of a topic or field of study.




Playing around with keywords

Go to the Language and Linguistics Behavior Abstracts database.

Select the Advanced Search.

Enter the phrase "artificial languages" Note: Use quotation marks around phrases.

How many results did you get?


Next, try adding the term construction:

"artificial languages"

[and]   construction

What did adding a term do to the number of results?

Adding a search term
broadens your search: 1 votes (4.17%)
narrows your search: 23 votes (95.83%)
changes it completely: 0 votes (0%)
Total Votes: 24

in your group:

Are there other terms we might use to describe the construction of artificial languages?

"artificial languages"

[and]  construction   [or]  ___________

What other terms did your group come up with? How many results did you get?


Using OR between similar terms
narrows your search: 5 votes (8.33%)
broadens your search to include results that might have either one term or the other: 27 votes (45%)
makes a mess of things: 28 votes (46.67%)
Total Votes: 60

Selected databases for linguistics

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