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HD 4310: Mind, Self and Emotion Fall 2016: PsycINFO example used in class 9/29

PsycINFO Example

Example from class on 9/29: Search for articles on the following research question in PsycINFO: 

What is the impact of moderate brain trauma on episodic memory?

Start by identifying key concepts: brain trauma, episodic memory

Search #1 Brain trauma episodic autobiographical memory

n=0  (number of results = 0) 

Search #2: Adding “AND”

(brain trauma) AND (episodic) AND (memory)


Search #3: Adding new terms with “OR”:  brain injury, autobiographical

(brain trauma OR brain injury) AND (episodic OR autobiographical) AND (memory)


Search #4: Phrase searching

("brain trauma" OR "brain injury") AND (episodic OR autobiographical) AND (memory)


Search #5: Adding truncation

(trauma* OR injur*) AND (brain OR head) AND (episodic OR autobiographical) AND (memory)


How do we narrow down our results?? 

  • Add more concepts with AND (like AND amnesi*) (n=143)
  • Use limits like date range, source type, methodology, age (instead of key words) and language, peer-reviewed

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