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PAM 3250/SOC 3250: Neighborhoods, Housing and Urban Policy (Fall 2017): Step 1: Set up an account

Introduction to using and understanding the US Census and American Community Survey. It includes a Social Explorer tutorial to help you generate data tables and create maps.

Set up an account

  • Click HERE to get to Social Explorer.  You can also access Social Explorer via the Library Homepage and searching for it using the Databases tab.  By using the link provided or the Library Homepage, you will have access to the Cornell University Professional Edition.
  • Click on the "Sign Up" button in the upper right-hand corner of the Social Explorer homepage.  Take a few minutes to enter your information and agree to the terms of use (you do not have to use your Cornell email/password).  Being signed in will now allow you to save and share your work including maps and projects.

Next step

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