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PAM 3250/SOC 3250: Neighborhoods, Housing and Urban Policy (Fall 2017): Making a Data Table

Introduction to using and understanding the US Census and American Community Survey. It includes a Social Explorer tutorial to help you generate data tables and create maps.

Steps to Building a Table in Social Explorer

Using this tutorial: Click on the steps below and the red Next Step links at the bottom of each page to move through the tutorial.  You will open a separate window in your browser with Social Explorer, moving between Social Explorer and the tutorial as you go.

Step 1:  Set up an account

Step 2:  Determine your census tract number

Step 3:  Choose your data source

Step 4:  Choose your geographies

Step 5:  Choose your variables

Step 6:  Download your data tables

Problems with Social Explorer?

  • Social Explorer works best in Internet Explorer, Firefox and Safari.  Try switching browsers if you are having trouble.
  • You may need to clear your browser cache.  Try Googling "clear cache" and the name of your browser to find out how to do this.
  • Social Explorer requires Flash version 9 or higher to view maps.

Web Accessibility Assistance