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NS 4600: Explorations in Global and Public Health: Managing your research

A guide to evidence-based research in public health.

Pre-Class Assignment: Download Zotero


Zotero is a popular free open source citation management tool that makes saving and citing online resources, including websites, YouTube videos, news articles, and scholarly database results, a breeze. 

Before class on Tuesday 9/26:

1. Follow the directions on this guide to download Zotero to your laptop and create an online account. 

2. Watch this 2-minute video on creating groups in Zotero and have one member of your team create a Zotero group for you to share citations. Whoever creates the group should then invite their team members to join. 

Pre-Class Assignment: Research Log

Research is a process and you'll want to keep a log of what you are doing so you don't reduplicate your work or miss steps or useful information; this becomes especially important when you are working in a group. Research logs can help. There's an example below that you can open and edit as you refine your research questions related to your ToC. 

Practice filling out the research log for one of the links (arrows) in your ToC.  Note that for your TOC your “topic” might be broad and related to one of your long-term outcomes (e.g., empowerment of girls) or very specific and related to only one link in your ToC (e.g., treatments for pneumonia).


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