GOVT 1101.101: Debates on Democracy in America (Fall 2015)

Library Research Guide

Searching databases for articles

  • Databases are collections of information.  The information might be images, statistics, or articles from newspapers, magazines or journals.
  • Databases can be used to find scholarly, peer-reviewed journal articles that can be evaluated and used as academically credible secondary sources of information on your topic.
  • Secondary sources interpret and analyze primary sources of information.
  • Databases can be multidisciplinary or focused on a particular area of study, like history or government.  


Search Tips

If there's an Advanced Search option, take it!

Start with one or two key terms or phrases.

Add terms to narrow your search. 

Search for similar terms by adding "OR" between terms,

e.g., debate OR controversy
"public opinion" OR poll

If a full-text link isn't provided, click the Get it! Cornell link to locate the full-text.

Ask a Librarian if you don't find the full text!

Selected Databases for this class


Online journal collections

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