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Introduction to HTML: Styling

A bare bones introduction to HTML coding

Styling Tags

Styling Text

Here are the HTML tags most commonly used to style text:

<i>...</i> - displays text in italics

<b>...</b> - displays text in bold face

<strong>...</strong> - also displays text in bold face

<u>...</u> - underlines text

<font size="...">...</font> - changes font size

<font color="...">.......</font> - changes font color, depending on the value entered (e.g., red, green, #b31b1b)

<font face="...">.......</font> - changes the font style, depending on the value entered (e.g., verdana, etc.)

Characters and symbols

NOTE: Not all characters can be entered "as is" in HTML. Some, like extra spaces and ampersands, and diacritics need to be encoded. For example:

& (ampersand) must be entered as &amp;: &

A space must be entered as &nbsp;

An "e" with an acute accent must be entered as &eacute#59;: é

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