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ASTRO 1110: Exploring Our Cosmos (Fall 2015): Don't Plagiarize

What is plagiarism?

Plagiarism means many things, but in simple terms it means putting forth someone else's work as your own. As a Cornell student, you agreed when you enrolled to be subject to the Code of Academic Integrity, which forbids plagiarism in any form. 

Many students are confused or nervous about how to avoid plagiarism or are afraid of accidentally committing it. However a few simple rules can help you to avoid it. Take a look at these links and this video below (courtesy of Bainbridge State College) for information about plagiarism.



Do you live off-campus?

If so, try using PassKey, designed to give Cornell community members access to licensed library resources while they are away from campus.

PassKey does not require any installation: Just click on the link or button below for more information on how to install and use it.


Guides from other libraries

You might find these other guides from other libraries helpful.

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