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ASTRO 1110: Exploring Our Cosmos (Fall 2015): Find Sources

Search like an expert

Here are some search tips to help you track down information, no matter where you start or what you're looking for.

  • Search Google and the Cornell Library catalog. You might be surprised what you find in one that you won't find in the other.
  • Start using broad search terms to start, and as your search progresses, use more focused search terms. If you're too specific upfront, you may only find a small number of results and get discouraged.
  • If you find the perfect article, find related articles by looking at who the authors cite and who has cited them.
  • If you find the perfect book, look at what's next to it on the library shelves or see what has the same subjects in the catalog. (Caution: You might have to go to the library to do this.)
  • When it's nowhere to be found, Ask a Librarian. They'll find it for you.

Find Background Information

Find Books and Articles



Do you live off-campus?

If so, try using PassKey, designed to give Cornell community members access to licensed library resources while they are away from campus.

PassKey does not require any installation: Just click on the link or button below for more information on how to install and use it.


Guides from other libraries

You might find these other guides from other libraries helpful.

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