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Foreign Fields: Perspectives on the Great War: Primary Sources
in Books

Online exhibition and research guide for the Cornell University Library Foreign Fields Project, 2014

Search Terms

These are some of the terms you might use to find primary sources:

diary or diaries




oral histories

personal narratives


Using subject headings

Subject headings are a formalized way of of searching library catalogs. The right subect heading can help you get to information more quickly.

For example, World War I can be described using the following terms:

  • The Great War

  • The First World War

  • World War One

  • World War 1

  • World War I

You could search the library catalog for all those keywords. Or, use one subject heading to find all of the library's materials about World War I:
World War, 1914-1918

Who determines subject headings? The Library of Congress. A handout outlining the Library of Congress Subject Headings is available at the Olin Library Reference Desk.

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